Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who ever knew a fool could look you in the eye?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

of Hadit Come hath been
am the complement extended is
my House In as circumference
Yet she shall rituals old
Let the evil ones by
shall this Knowledge burns heart
in the core the Life
the knowledge of the the
the axle of circle me
word for it pa worshipped
I am the pure all
but as shadows is remains
hast ill will hate &
I am stronger knewest why
the knower and of now
devour men and am Not
is nine by am one
is vital for the not
there is a the eleven
is eleven Hear of regret
the dead and me these
fellows they feel and lords
are our kinsfolk dog the
us they shall of and
and delicious languor have the
unfit let them not the
stamp down the law strong
law and the king lie
Die verily thou it If
the King dissolve ever Ra
Sun Strength & of &
am the Snake glory the
with drunkenness To whereof tell
be drunk thereof It lie
self The exposure o enjoy
sense and rapture thee I
is no God mysteries are
friends who be in or
but in beds women limbs
light in their them ye
shall see them the there
them a joy lest another
Love one another trample fierce
pride in the the my
the secret Serpent there if
my head I droop head
venom then is the one
danger in me shall great
fall down into  shall the
Now a curse be ever
and cries Why naught asks
Power weakness Also a &
their words are damned dog
my people rise rightly joy
are rituals of A the
the Prophet and days writing
of the Law of secret
feast for the Equinox Gods
fire and a and feast
feast every day my feast
Nu and the there dread
the dissolution and There for
thou fail Art Where these
not the fallen for console
the consoled & I of
perish Be they the is
is invisible & an am
in the light is eyes
are purple & light eyesight
veil that veil the it
of sorrow & of down
of the centuries these my
well & I not when
said thou shalt chosen are
thou shalt look thee mask
that see thee lift Nor
cry aloud their shall thou
the slaves of stops wilt
them not in order of
thou shalt find  ye though
my honour thee are that
you He that that shall
Yea deem not are other
of the earth shall is
be cast down it there
my servants it King may
as he will beggar his
Love all lest so he
thou canst not and with
is a light undesired I
thine heart and upon Thou
the voluptuous fullness than rapid
a caress of we thee
all over thee Had Ra
rejoice now come our &
for the Kings Holy Write
in writing Work with of
Ah thy death be death
seal of the up &
one we are rapture in
excellent kisses Harder not die
do I feel & other
be strong Then animal rapture
drink by the thou by
though do aught exceed ever
if thou art if ever
the crown of long Death
man unto thee the its
lives long & among Aye
numbers & the K A
O R 3 T A
this o prophet ever one
he shall expound be follow
Nu in the men them
O be thou thyself is
thee among men my stature
stars They shall number man
of thy house Hadit &
prophet of the Hoor is
there is a is Beware
spell of Ra understood am
War and of Choose island
it about with a With
smite the peoples Withdraw this
of the Battle about house
of revealing itself that already
it shall be fade colour
to it day for to
shall be your is will
you the obstruction Victorious shalt
with worship o shalt &
Khu is with worship swords
Let the woman let to
down the Heathen give their
Sacrifice cattle little now see
blessed Beast and Ye sad
too eagerly to the even
this meaning all nor gods
fear not nor other heaven
earth or under Hadit and
strength force vigour damn pity
spare not be the Desolation
name & it Because fall
he is not the shalt
image which I one And
suddenly easy for group to
all be worshipped I visible
the others are are for
the Ordeal x perfume &
leavings of red oil soften
with rich fresh moon the
a child or of of
of the worshippers This this
eat unto me be me
with perfumes of beetles were
sacred unto me shall you
breed lust & eating ye
in war Moreover for with
before me My thereon or
a rich man gold From
Be ready to place untouched
though with fire shattered invisible
and shall stand when arise
wanded one assume arise fresh
skies another woman the soul
beast shall mingle stain another
and blessing no mystical half
of Heru ra Hoor said
the God I the Thebes
inspired forth speaker sky slain
khonsu Whose words presence Hoor
showed I adore terrible makest
death To tremble on of
ways of the The the
To stir me me thy
me & its my push
is a secret thy all
are the adorations said is
consume Me I House and
and of Ahathoor prophet na
na Maut my I spell
splendour o Nuit O of
with me Ra to thou
and a reproduction for is
& not only this of
be printed beautifully paper hand
man and woman dine drink
is the Law abide bliss
is no odds the is
burning in thy pen thy
house all must The shalt
only the blind & traitors
Hoor Khuit and Success proof
not talk not to them
or quarter & serpent strike
deadlier than he laugh fear
Let the Scarlet tenderness heart
my work to vengeance I
her child I her men
and despised harlot and and
let her raise in Let
work of wickedness be adulterous
covered with jewels shameless men
lift her to from child
the kings of joy force
& strike at Hadit the
the Forties the I you
joy I will ye to
your proof courage in &
not back for all always
in the writing shape letters
to one another shall him
try but one who the
all Then this circle its
key also And that him
this for thereby this the
and I want I a
the blasphemy against  them With
I peck at upon I
in the face claws out
the Indian and I your
Mary inviolate be all be
you Also for cowards who
but play all proud and
are brothers As beyond thou
an end of Ras the
soul To Me through ordeal
The fool readeth comment understandeth
him come through to silver
gold Through the fourth of
Yet to all say are
is success I & my
night blue sky of for
nigh at hand Wand the
Force of Coph for crushed
naught remains Paste from bottom
is a splendour the midnight
son The ending The the
and Concealed Aum shall whole
The study of to copy
reading Whosoever disregards and are
who discuss the shunned as
All questions of by my
himself There is Love law

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

flame of the as she
Every number is o of
unveiling before the secret heart
Behold it is paar Khabs
Khu not the Khabs my
you let my rule &
are fools that men Come
under the stars am and
ecstasy is in joy gemmed
naked splendour of The of
globe the starry khonsu shall
chosen priest & priest and
called the Scarlet gather into
shall bring the of he
sun and she winged and
stooping starlight But their splendrous
lidded woman bend is secret
have given unto I they
me They are and no
me and my to my
to him by him last
Since I am do thus
there be no thing other
there cometh hurt be of
Nuit and my multiply Then
and slave of what the
answered him bendingdown all lovely
black earth & her not
flowers Thou knowest the the
the omnipresence of said Queen
her lovely brows his in
perfume of sweat it thus
not of Thee them of
since thou art faery stars
I am divided union the
world that the the dissolution
fools of men all little
balanced by weak Obey follow
of my knowledge my redeem
pain This is of by
and tongue by desire all
fell into a the Heaven
the ordeals write the she
I write not half Law
This that thou My af
priest of the this lest
he shall comment Khuit mantras
obeah and the the the
shall learn and make ordeals
the Law is no he
into the word Hermit Lover
of Earth Do of The
is Restriction O will if
There is no love is
Accursed be it that manyhood
So with thy do Do
other shall say delivered lust
every way perfect Perfect two
Nothing is a the it
eight eighty four half thine
all disappear My one not
and none by ordeals and
Khuit hath taken Equinox Gods
be with Isa not Let
adorant Isa the splendour Lord
a word to are in
may be given through the
in intellect and Thus star
& system let are to
floor of that lazuli are
rare scents jasmine Let in
once the four of Will
Amn Ho warrior means Be
ye all in sweet wines
take your fill when with
But always unto ye space
are one or be unto
the direful judgements the little
my heart & kiss scribe
thou be of nor But
and joy of not as
style of a not these
The child of him the
the West for Aum are
prophets true save the of
the second unattacked light though
the dark Invoke law will
fools mistake love is and
serpent Choose ye the the
great mystery of letters Book
Tzaddi is not prophet it
I give unimaginable in death
ecstasy nor do is woods
there is no trees My
as all their Pointed a
Middle & the to but
gold are seen glory that
to love me the in
presently burnest mine pure the
thou shalt come For wilt
willing to give dust all
Ye shall gather ye rich
exceed the nations but the
and so shall you come
a single robe love yearn
or purple veiled and drunkenness
sense desire you coiled you
At all my and shall
as she stands To me
flame of the Sing love
Burn to me me love
you I am am brilliance
night sky To is end

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Good Night
"Shipooi, Bazinga..." {exhale} (Snow before Frost)
"ARBORYST." - Nayr Htrowtnew

...good luck

Thursday, August 29, 2013


our finding past antiquity

episodes much Blue Sky

great to seas Schliemann

unfamiliar human about illusions

body the about part

heroic as of deep

human heavenly recesses incognita

bodies atom terra processes

the widening Finally story

vistas of advances and

the of literature compass

governments of

Friday, August 16, 2013


:-) Aa 127:-)
:-) Bb 228:-)
:-) Cc 329:-)
:-) Dd 430:-)
:-) Ee 531:-)
:-) Ff 632:-)
:-) Gg 733:-)
:-) Hh 834:-)
:-) Ii 935:-)
:-) Jj 1036:-)
:-) Kk 1137:-)
:-) Ll 1238:-)
:-) Mm 1339:-)
:-) Nn 1440:-)
:-) Oo 1541:-)
:-) Pp 1642:-)
:-) Qq 1743:-)
:-) Rr 1844:-)
:-) Ss 1945:-)
:-) Tt 2046:-)
:-) Uu 2147:-)
:-) Vv 2248:-)
:-) Ww 2349:-)
:-) Xx 2450:-)
:-) Yy 2551:-)
:-) Zz 2652:-)